BLS 601-Paper Three: “Teacher Reflection and Best Practices”

BLS 601-Paper Three: "Teacher Reflection and Best Practices"
For Paper #3, write a four-page paper that deals with ONE aspect of best practices for classroom instruction for ESL learners.  Some examples of topics you could choose from might be a best practice in – assessment, classroom management, sheltered instruction, lesson planning, utilizing students' cultural background.  In other words, pick a topic representing a best practice that has received special attention from researchers.
Use any of the course texts and then find at least ONE refereed journal article from the Connelly Library databases. Please give a critical review of the journal article and summarize what you learned from the article.  Also, apply the findings from the article to what we have discussed in class and read in our readings.
Databases through Connelly Library:  Go to the Connelly Library home page (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.
and find the database title "EBSCO-Education Research Complete".  This is one of my favorites – but you do not have to use it if you find another that you like. 

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