1) Weekly Diary (8 X 5 =40%)
The Weekly Diaries are divided into two sections.
Section One consists of ten multiple choice questions. This tests your knowledge of the lecture and drama. It is worth 1%.
For Section Two each week you will be given a question which we will discuss in class.
After class your should write a 300 word answer to that question. It is worth 4%. The Weekly Diaries start in Week 3.
2) Essays (2 X 30% = 60%)
Write two 1500 word essays (30% each).
Essay 1. Choose One of the following topics:
1) Why was geography important in the rise of the samurai class?
2) Why was the Kenmu Restration an important event?
3) What role did Oda Nobunaga platy in reunifying Japan?
4) Why was the sankin kotai system important in Tokugawa Japan?
5) To what extent did the play Chushingura reflect the values of 18th century Japanese society?
6) What were the main causes of the Meiji Restoration?
7) What role did Inoue Tetsujiro play in creating bushido?
8) What were the main causes of the Pacific War?
9) What are the pros and cons of amending Article 9 of the 1947 constitution?
Essay 2
What can we learn about Japanese culture and identity from watching Samurai High School?
In grading essays, I will focus on the following three points:
1) Is this essay well written with a clear structure that supports the conclusion?
2) Does this essay demonstrate a good understanding of the topic?
3) Does this essay show that the student has engaged with the course content?

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