Project Risk, Procurement and Quality Management

Project Risk, Procurement and Quality Management
Post-workshop Assignment
Assignment description
The workshop for this subject has introduced several tools and frameworks that can be used to manage issues related to project management. The topics that were included in the block workshop broadly included quality, risk and procurement management and how these relate to the delivery of successful projects.
Please choose two (2) out of the three (3) topics below and answer the associated questions. The topics are weighted equally. You will find further information regarding the weighting of individual questions in the respective sections.
The assignment is to be submitted by posting it into the relevant drop on Online by the 9AM on Monday 25th October 2017. This assignment will make use of Turnitin for the submission of student work.
Word limit: 3000 words, not including the cover page, appendices or references. Diagrams / graphics do not add to the word count.
Cover (Title) page with name and number of subject, names and student numbers for each team member, and date of submission;
Numbered pages: e.g.1/4;
Include any supporting documents as appendices;
Use a common file format, preferably PDF (MS Office — Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project etc., is also acceptable);
Material from other files within your assignments (such as graphics, or tables etc.) must be Embedded Objects and not Linked Objects;
Check everything can be opened successfully by looking at your submission on another computer – email the final assignment to a team member and check carefully that all graphics are accessible.
This assessment requires the submission of only one file. The cover page, written portion, and references must all be contained in one file.
Assignments may only be sent by email if prior permission has been obtained from the Subject Coordinator.
Students must retain a copy of all submitted assignments.
Late submission will result in the penalties described in the Subject Outline Booklet.
Application for special considerations must be submitted no later than 4.30pm on the business day prior to the due date.


Topic 1: Risk Management:
Assuming that you are working for the Wembley National Stadium Ltd (WNSL), identify any six (6) key stakeholders to the WNSL. The six key stakeholders must include at least two (2) subcontractors and one (1) bank or financial institution. Refer to the presentations from the course and develop a suitable risk matrix and complete the following:
i. Identify the risks (with details of causes and consequences) related to the key stakeholders that you have identified above. [15 marks]
ii. Assess the probability (likelihood) of occurrence, the potential consequences, and the resultant risk rating (based on your risk criteria) if no mitigating measures are established / implemented. [5 marks]
iii. For each of these risks, indicate what mitigating (control) measures should be instituted in order to reduce the likelihood of occurrence and the severity of the consequences. [15 marks]
iv. Re-assess the likelihood of occurrence, the potential consequences and the revised risk rating in view of these measures (i.e. effectively establish and assess the residual risks). [5 marks]
Note that in filling out the columns of the risk matrix, you would have answered (i) to (iv). The final question below (v) is not listed on the risk matrix, and needs to be answered separately.
v. In your opinion, which of these risks would be better assessed using a more quantitative risk tool e.g. Monte Carlo? Briefly explain your answer. [10 marks]


Topic 2: Procurement Management
A major difference to business as usual for Multiplex was that they had to deliver the Wembley Stadium in the UK and not in Australia, i.e. they were delivering the project in a different jurisdiction. A key challenge for Multiplex was thus to secure the services of suitably qualified and capable local sub-contractors for the supply of services, materials and equipment.
From the performance of Multiplex and key sub-contractors it is clear that their relationship was not optimal in delivering the outcomes as required by WNSL. In providing a tender submission to WNSL, Multiplex had to engage with their sub-contractors prior to submitting their own proposal for the Design and Construction of the stadium. In preparing their own submission assume that Multiplex conducted their own tenders for the various work packages.
One of the key packages of work was for the design, supply and installation of the steelworks. Assuming that you are working for Multiplex and the project is in its early stages, you have been tasked to assist with the tendering process to secure the services of a suitably qualified and experienced company to provide the necessary materials and services. For the tendering of the steelwork you have specifically been asked to:
i. Define a procurement strategy (as comprehensive as you deem necessary) to engage the relevant sub-contractor (through a selective tendering process); [30 Marks]
ii. Define the tendering process, with specific reference to your evaluation criteria (and weightings) to identify the most suitable sub-contractor; and [10 Marks]
iii. Define the key performance metrics that you will incorporate in your contract. Multiplex will use these metrics to measure the performance of this subcontractor. You also need to illustrate how and when, Multiplex – as the prime contractor – will provide visibility to WNSL of the performance of their sub-contractors. [10 Marks]


Topic 3: Quality Management
Assuming that you are working for Multiplex and the project is in its early stages, you have been tasked to develop a quality management plan and complete the following:
i. Identify (at least five) quality parameters and expected levels of quality for project deliverables. To complete this task, please consider carefully what the deliverables are from Multiplex; [10 marks]
ii. Propose (at least two for each quality parameters) quality control measures as well as workflow processes/steps that will be used during deliverable preparation; [25 marks]
iii. Propose a process for submittal of deliverables to the WNSL, expected quality checking to be performed by the WNSL, and workflow processes/steps for documenting acceptance and rejection of deliverables. [15 marks]

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