Society and Ethics

Please answer the three questions below – APA format, must cite references, 300 word minimum to each answer,

format , must cite references , 300 word minimum to each answer,


Outside of this course, have you gone through some type of ethics training (please do not name the course or the company that presented the course)? If so, describe what was involved and what did you learn? Was the training worthwhile or not worthwhile? Did the course help you to make better ethical decisions? Why or why not? Explain. 

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Does the company work for you or have you worked for a code of conduct or code of ethics? What is this code? Does the company have written ethics policies and procedures? Are these codes, policies and procedures effective? Explain


Have you signed a conflict of interest statement in the past? Why does a company or organization have such a document? Is it effective? Explain. 

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