The Case For Open Borders

Please write a 1000-word persuasive essay responding to this question: Should we abolish national boundaries and open all borders? Critically assess this question, take a position, and argue in defense of it. Make sure to address the why this is a controversial issue in today's time and in the context of globalization. Use the list of readings below, as well as any other resources from the course, but do not conduct any additional research. Because the dominant view in this area is that borders are essential to politics in a globalized world, the resources below present a contrary view. In your essays, you must make reference to at least two sources:

• Atossia Abrahamian, "An Economist's Case for Open Borders"

• Alex Tabarrok, "The Case for Getting Rid of Borders–Completely"

• Joseph H. Carens, "The Case for Open Borders"

• Bryan Caplan, "The Case for Open Borders

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