M8A1 Immigration

Each question has to be at least 750 words and primarly using the following references:


Miller, D. A. (Ed.). (2007). Illegal immigration


Jardins, J. (2017) "The New Colossus": Emma Lazarus and the Immigrant Experience"


Samsel, H., (2017) "Yes, Statue of Liberty poem is linked to immigration, says poet's"


Question 1:

        Immigrants and migrants in the US have been "pushed" out of their homelands for many different reasons and "pulled" toward the US for other reasons. Using three of the following immigrant groups, consider the commonalities and differences in the factors driving each group out of their homelands and toward the United States in the late 19th century through the 21st century: Russian Jews, African Americans (internal Great Migration), Mexicans, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Afghanis. Use specific information from the readings in describing the push and pull factors for each.


Question 2:


Compare the arguments used to restrict immigration today to those made in the 1920s and the 19th century. What did these nativist arguments express about American anxieties and values? To what extent were such fears rooted in the economy and to what extent were they cultural?


Question 3: 

Takaki stresses that the demographic change affecting American society now is momentous—the passing of an America in which being white was the norm and non-whites were minorities, to one where whites are only one of several major ethnic/racial groups. Will this change create more division or more unity? What impact will such a development have on American culture? Discuss the potential future of American society in the light of long-term trends in American history.


All sources should be cited and referenced in either APA or Chicago/Turabian format.


Each essay should include:


An introduction paragraph with a clear thesis statement outlining your overall argument

Body paragraphs with specific evidence from sources

In-text citations and references in APA or Chicago/Turabian style

A conclusion paragraph that synthesizes the information you present and summarizes your main points

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