Proposal to build gate for a housing development to stop crime in neighborhood

My proposal theme: Write a proposal to build a gate for the housing development to prevent crime in neighborhood

Current situation (S1): We do not have a anything preventing unauthorized people from accessing our neighborhood and committing crimes and it would be nice to have a gate to prevent access

Project Plan (S2): The plan is to build a gate two gates to prevent unauthorized people to gain access or entry to the neighborhood thus preventing crime.

Be between 2500-3000 words
Include your current situation, objectives, methods, qualifications, budget, and benefits
Make clear use of rhetorical appeals and decisions
Be appropriately written and designed for the rhetorical situation
Ethically cite in MLA or APA all research findings in-text and in a works cited page (at least 2 sources; sources must be credible)
Be culturally considerate

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