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Activity: Report and Presentation


· Rituals and routines are highly subjective and culture specific. For examples A Saudi Arabia breakfast can be different from western one in terms of food selections, time of day and favored locations.


1. With the help of online research, try to identify and compare the major differences in Rituals and Routine of two countries by preparing a list of respective feature and offer a suitable explanation.

2. What value do the feature transmit?


· Each group should have 3-4 members.

· Each member should actively participate.

· Grading will be based on individual and group performance.

· The report should follow the format mentioned below.

· The Report should be properly formatted

· Font: Times New Roman, Font Size 12

· Line Spacing: 1.5

· Page Borders: 1" each margin on the left and right sides

· Submission and presentation date is week 6, Sunday

· Arrange the Reference in alphabetical order






Rubrics for presentation


Subject/content knowledge

( 3 Marks )

Knowledge Application

( 3 Marks )

Communication Skills ( 2 Marks)

Participation in Group ( 2 Marks)


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