Evaluating For Trends And Gaps In Analyzed Data

In Week 6, you analyzed the data from your risk assessment. What did you say? Where is it leading? This assignment helps you focus on identifying what trends the data is pointing to.

Research  at least five scholarly sources that address trends associated with the data you collected by similar organizations to the one you have chosen.

Write  a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper on your data trends research where you:

  • Examine the date
  • Review the results
  • Identify the results as a trend using supporting evidence
  • Determine if the trends affect your project
  • Summarize the results
    • Interpret the results.
    • Describe any inference or gaps available from the collected data.
    • Identify any new information that may impact the project.

Create  any graphs or charts to illustrate the trends.

Format  your paper according to APA guidelines, including a reference page for all sources

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