climate change and rain induced crackling affecting sweet cherries in Australia.

proposal should be based on the research related to Sweet cherry varieties Lapins and Empress, trials conducted in The Summit districts of the Granite belt in Southern Queensland. There is a low production in Qld due to its climatic conditions and so it only satisfies domestic market. so research will be focused on the problem area like warm winters during dormancy phase to be calculated using dynamic model and managment stratergies used to compensate that chill accumulations and during the flowering and fruiting season due to unpredictable rainfall leads to fruit crackling so using managment strategies like spraying sureseal, rain covers etc could help in that also experimenting with rootstock like Gesila 5 and Mahaleb could also show some resistance to adverse climatic condition. and expectation with this research would help know what management strategies best suits the variety to be grown and comparing the empress variety results with the South Australian empress variety production, and determine the best variety and rootstock suitable for better growth in qld which could not only satisfy the domestic markets but could also contribute its production for export markets in the future.

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