Project 2 (50 Points)


(Complete both parts.)

Part 1: Write about give reasons why contracts should be in writing. Use the course book as a primary reference. (Additional references allowed.)

Part 2: Write about which types of contracts that must be in writing. Use the course book as a primary reference. (Additional references allowed.)

Total length of response for this assignment needs to be a minimum of 2 full pagesmaximumresponse is 4 pages total. 

Use MS Word or its equivalent. File formats that are acceptable for this assignment include: doc, docx, and pdf.


Text Size: All of the text in this assignment needs to be set in 12-point size. Please resist the temptation to mix and match point sizes. If you doubt your applications intentions, just select all of your text and insure that it is in 12-point size.

Double Spacing: For this class select all of your text and set it for double spacing. This includes the name block, title and body of your work. This allows space for marking up or making notes while I am reviewing what you have written.

Margins: One-inch margins mean one (1”) on all sides. The only text that ends up on the outside of the one-inch margin is the page number.

Name Block:  Place the name block in the  upper left  corner of the page. In this class, the block name only needs to be on the first page. Put your  name first , then the  class title  and then the  date . Example:

Your Name

TECH 456 Ethics, Contracts & Patents


Title:  All homework assignments have a title. Please place the title just below the name block. The title  for this  assignment is "Project 2".

Spelling / Grammar Checking:  Remember your spelling and grammar checking before turning your assignments in. When doing the spelling / grammar checking keep in mind that some words like mush and must, woods and words, or here and cow, will not be caught by either check. To correct these problems, you will need to proofread your work.

Page Numbers:  Any homework that has more than one page, needs to have page numbers on it. Please place your page numbers on the bottom of the page. In MS Word, use the footer selection and place the page number  in  the  bottom  center  or  bottom right  of the page

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