Evaluate Emerging Technologies

Every organization is unique when it comes to assessing how beneficial the implementation of one technology is over another. Many technologies have failed to live up to the potential benefits that were expected from their implementation, so you will want to look at several factors as you proceed through your analysis. Below are some specific questions to consider when identifying emerging technologies that have the potential to impact critical business functions in your organization.

  • Can it lower the cost of maintaining your legacy systems?
  • Will it enable your organization to improve business processes?
  • Will it improve interoperability of systems?
  • Will it simplify or standardize IT interfaces?
  • Does it define new computing or communication standards?
  • Can this technology be used to reengineer a mission critical business process?
  • Will employees see it as a solution to their problem?
  • Is the organization prepared to deliver any required training on the new system?

Be sure to read Technology Solution Implementation before you continue with this step.

Indicate which two emerging technologies you would recommend that your organization implement. As you evaluate the new technologies, you will choose two that you believe have great opportunity to add value to your organization and organizational business processes. Replacing or integrating critical legacy information systems can be costly to the organization and may put the organization at risk, therefore you should evaluate these suggestions carefully. Fill out the emerging technology templates (Appendix H and I). These templates will help you capture the pertinent factors regarding implementation of new technologies in your organization. For assistance for estimating costs of new technology see Cost Estimating.

When you have finished evaluating emerging technologies, continue to the next step, in which you will present your complete technology audit report.

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