Healthcare Education Assignment

Gateway Hospital

Read Case Study 18-3, Gateway Hospital, in Organizational Behavior in Health Care.

1. Answer all the questions provided at the end of the case study. You must include “CONCLUSION” at the end.

2. Submit a 4–5 page paper, not counting the required title and references pages. Format your paper according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements .

3. Back up your responses with at least five (5) current sources (no older than three years), three (3) of which are peer-reviewed articles. You may not use the course textbooks, but you may use other course readings. The CSU-Global Library is a good place to find your sources.




Plagiarism % must be less than 19%


Note: The completed essay must be written in same APA format style.

I attached APA format sample of what Colorado State University requested. Please make the completed writing essay as an identical to the attached APA style. Additionally, please follow the guideline in “Gateway Hospital Essay Rubric Requirement”, please attempt to meet all requirements in the rubric.


Best of luck and thanks for your service in providing an A+ to this paper and your service will be remembered and likely to be selected in future’s needs.


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