Netflix, Inc.

Do a prospective analysis on Netflix, Inc. Company projecting the next year income statement and using this product to produce a valuation of the company stock going forward. Include sales growth, gross profit rate, operating expenses, depreciation expense, forecasting, and both the free cash flow and residual income valuation. 
The format should be a Word document, following APA-style guidelines provided below. This paper should be approximately 4 pages of written text, not counting cover page, abstract (the abstract should be a short summary of what is included), or reference page, perform an analysis. I am not looking for you to report the numbers – I can see them in the annual report. I would like to see what you think those numbers mean. If you have a comment in your paper that you (or I) still ask Why? you have not done your job explaining. For example, if you said that accounts receivable has increased from last year, I want to know what caused the increase. **This is a formal paper. You are to use formal dialogue in your writing. Please be sure of the following: a. Do not use first person language. That means you should not see I or we or they in your paper. b. Do not use contractions in your paper. That means use do not instead of don't c. Do not use quotes longer than 40 words. This is not allowed in this paper. I want to know what you have to say, not what someone else has to say.

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