Review Emerging Technologies


Now that you have assessed your organization's current technology inventory and assessed your organization's risk factors, you are ready to review emerging technologies that may benefit your organization.

In almost every aspect of business, technologies have been transforming the way we do business, improving the productivity and efficiency of organizations across all sectors. Point-of-sale systems are now used by most major retailers and computers are used to manage sales, inventory, employees, and communication. Technology is evolving and new technologies are being introduced all that time that have the potential to improve the competitiveness of organizations. The following are some of the emerging technologies that you should become familiar with before you make your report to the CEO:

  • mobile devices
  • social media
  • cloud computing
  • data analytics (big data)
  • digital tools (3D printing, wearables, internet of things, etc.)
  • virtual and augmented reality
  • machine learning and artificial intelligence

You are not limited to emerging technologies in this list; be sure to consider other technologies you have learned about in your research or from other sources. When you have completed your review of emerging technologies, you are ready to continue to the next step, in which you will evaluate these technologies and determine if they might be useful for your organization.

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