Individual Assignment: Situational Analysis and Human Performance Tools Application



The purpose of this assignment is to identify a personal situation. Explain and analyze the situation and then apply the appropriate human performance tools to show how the situation may have been made better.


· Explain in detail the situation or event from a past experience.

· Do analysis on the situation to determine the cause (s) of the event that occurred. Think about error precursors, event free tools, etc …event free tools, etc…

· Identify places prior to the event that if human performance tools had been used, the event would have occurred or the severity would have been mitigated.have not occurred, or the severity would have been mitigated.

· Explain how the use of the tools could have changed the outcome.

· Be diligent and in your explanation and analysis. 

· I want to see that you understand and can apply the tools in a meaningful way.

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