Imagine yourself a little into the future

 Imagine yourself a little into the future. You just got  your graduate degree from  and landed a job as the assistant  budget director of your agency or organization. You learned some budgeting methods  from your textbook that you would like to put into practice, but the budget  director is very fixed in his ways and does not like to take risks.           


 Write  a 3- to 5-page persuasive essay for your boss explaining the potential problems  with a line-item budget trying to convince him to accept a better budget  method. Your essay should include the following:            A  description of line-item budgeting.A  description of the new method you would like to implement.Potential  benefits of the new system compared to the old.Possible  cost changes in implementing the new method.An  example of an agency that implemented the new method and the results demonstrating  that the theory can also be put into practice.Potential  persuasive analysis of how the changes could save budget dollars and reduce  waste and abuse.                Complete this essay in a Microsoft Word document. Cite sources in the  correct APA format

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