Week 8 | Signature Assignment – Part 2

Week 8 | Signature Assignment – Part 2 (SUBMIT)

Enhance the Non-Profit Organization Website

If you have not already done so, upload your non-profit organization and your non-profit organization Budget Worksheet that you created in the previous lesson to Google Drive. Select both "Convert" check boxes in the Upload settings dialogue. Review the Manual upload settings in Google Drive (opens in new window) help page to learn how to convert files to Google Docs format.
Share both the presentation and budget worksheet with your instructor to make them visible once they are embedded in your Google Sites website. Review the How to share help page to learn how to share files with Google Drive.
To access Google Drive, log in to your UC email account and click Drive.
Once your worksheet is in Google Drive, follow these instructions to add a chart or graph to it using tools in Google Sheets.
Next, follow these instructions to insert the Non-Profit Google Promotional presentation into the Organization page (opens in new window) of your non-profit organization website.
Follow the same steps to insert the Budget GoogleSheet into the Organization Information page on your non-profit organization website.
Then, make your non-profit organization website visible (if it is not already)
Finally, copy and paste the website link for your completed non-profit organization website into the text submission window below for final grading by the specified deadline.
During the dates displayed below, submit the web address to the site you create in Google Sites:
On the home page of your non-profit organization website in Google Sites, copy the web address from the address bar at the top of your browser window. 
Click Add Submission below and paste your website link into the text input window. It will be converted to a hyperlink when you save / post your submission. Click Save Changes. (This is the same URL you submitted last week in Part 1 of the Non-Profit Project)
Always refer to the syllabus course for the university's late work policy

https://support.google.com/docs/answer/63728?hl= at





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