DC resistivity anisotropy tomography for imaging subsurface geologic structures

I need a research proposal having an abstract of maximum 300 word single spaced , an introduction maximum 1 page single spaced (include : details of the problem that the project is attempting to solve)
lit review with maximum 4.5 pages single spaced, an objective section.

The literature review section should provide a summary of previous work that has been undertaken on the topic or on similar areas of study. The literature review should summarise the present state of knowledge about the topic in question. You should demonstrate that you have researched and understood up-to-date scientific literature that concerns your project. The literature review should be based on papers published either in peer-reviewed journals or text books; it should not be based on materials copied from the internet.В 

in the lR
1) resistivity surveying configurations (10 types) (write and compare between them)
2) Theory of DC Resistivity tomography 
focus on DC resistivity tomography and state how it work
state the equipments used in doing resistivity survey 
2.1 DC resistivity modelling
2.2 DC resistivity inversion

U can also include:
вЂу What has already been done
вЂу Major achievements and advancements
вЂу Controversies e.g. controversial/unusual results or interpretations
вЂу Critical assessment e.g. study limitations, methodology, data, interpretations, etc.
вЂу Identify unanswered questions
вЂу How your work fits into and/or contributes to the science ( there are 10 types of traditional resistivity configrations that is used by geophysitists , my job is to design a new configration that can get the same result of the 10 configrations with using only one configration.)

for the objective rewrite this as the objective (will take part in numerical simulations of the new surveying configuration and some synthetic experiments of imaging aquifer structures with the software developed in this project. She will generate the synthetic data according to the new surveying configuration and the aquifer structures in Abu Dhabi, and then implement the imaging experiments with the synthetic data. According to the results, she will compare the images yielded by the new surveying configuration and traditional electrode arrays.)

– use sedimentology type of referencing 

please use the two attachements as a guide

The proposal should be written single sided in Calibri font with a font size of pica 11 and be single line spaced.

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