Recruitment and Placement


Assignment: Paper: Write a paper (approx. 1000 words) on the topic Recruitment and Placement: What should an employer do to build a strong employer brand? Consider elements such as strong work culture, positive leadership, competitive salaries, and so on. How should an employer develop criteria to select the right people for their workforce? Consider factors such as skills, education, background, and fit with the organizational values. What criteria should a person use when looking for the right fit of the workplace. In your case, which organizational culture would be right for you and why? Support your points with references. Use APA style for referencing.

Discussion Question: Review the reading for this week. In a 150 -200 word post, answer this question: What criteria do you look for in a work culture and why? Examples of criteria might include: organizational culture, benefits, mission and vision companies, etc.include: organizational culture, benefits, companies mission and vision, etc.

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