EBP Problem, Searching the Evidence, and Appraisal

My subject is management of chronic pain.
For this assignment, you need to develop an EBP question guided by the Question Development Tool Appendix B, (Dearholt& Dang, 2012) (which you can find by doing a google search) and then using this question conduct a literature search to investigate the issue or problem. Gather a minimum of 5 primary research study articles (NOT literature review, systematic reviews or meta analysis studies) to address the practice question. A primary research study includes collection of either qualitative or quantitative data.
Please upload the 5 articles. The assignment should be organized in the following 4 parts:
Practice question
Develop and Implement a Search Strategy. conduct a literature search. The literature search parameters should be saved and included.
Appraise 5 articles by addressing the following
What is the level of evidence (I, II, III, IV, or V)? See John Hopkins Tool Kit ( Dearholt and Dang, 2012).
Study Design ( experimental, quasi-experimental, non-experimental )? Please explain your designation of the type, of study design in a few sentences and identify the type of data collected ( qualitative, quantitative, mixed methods).
Using the “Framework for How to Read and Critique a Research Study“ (American Nurse Association) as a guide critique the research article. Provide explanations for your responses.
Reference list using APA format (references should be 5 years or less). Each article Appraisal should be at least 1 page.

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