HLTEN510B Implement and monitor nursing care for clients with mental health conditions

HLTEN510B Implement and monitor nursing care for clients with mental health conditions
Assessment for Mental Health will involve:
• Assessment Task 1 Short answer questions on Moodle 50%
• Assessment Task 2 Role Play 70%
• Assessment Task 3 Written Report 70%
This report will be handed to the educator at the conclusion of the role play
Working individually, you will write a report on the topic assigned by your teacher for a mental health disorder.
Research this condition, which must be classified under the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, (DSM IV).
You will be required to make a presentation of this illness in the form of an interview and be required to answer questions on the nature, cause and risks inherent within the illness.
This assessment will be presented during session 14.
Group presentation role play as nurse, family and patient( Topic Delirium)
Step 1 : Outline the scenario and identify the problems that lead to the patient presenting to hospital for admission.
These details should present a clear understanding of how the disorder impairs the person’s ability to live a normal life.
Step 2: Select a person to be interviewed as the patient.
This person will present as clearly as possible, evidence of the signs and symptoms of the disorder and capture some of the emotive issues that accompany the disorder.
Step 3: Outline the type of treatment likely to be received including medications, therapies and nursing interventions. This presentation should also include information on after hospital care.
Step 4: Present the potential risk issues of nursing clients with this disorder and the risks likely to be faced in the inpatient setting. You must also provide an indication of the prognosis of disorder:
a) if treated and responding to therapies
b) if untreated.

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