Interstellar and The Martian

Assignment: Type a seven to eight page paper (WC page is 8) is which you use critique to confirm or to refute the following hypothesis: Read in relation to Morton's theory of Laughter and Freud's theory of Eros and Thanatos, Interstellar (movie) is more advanced than The Martian (movie) is dramatizing and provoking ontological laughter to open up an experimental possibility space both within the movie and for the audience. 

Organization of the paper
-Page 1 Introduces the topic and your thesis
-Page 2 & 3 Define ontological laughter & how it opens experimental possibility space. 
-Page 4 to 7 Thoughtfully compare the two movies (Interstellar & The Martian) to prove which is more advanced in dramatizing and provoking ontological Anthropocene laughter to open up an experimental possibility space. 
-Page 8 Is the complete and correct MLA works-cited list: for the two movies (Interstellar and The Martian), The Morton article, and The Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principal.

-Use short quotes (13 words most)
-Argue precisely
-Think carefully
-prove your claims
-Tighten your papers organization

-Do not use long quotes
-Do not make vague arguments
-Do not opine haphazardly 
-Do not leave claims unproven
-Do not ship arbitrarily from point to point 

To write this paper use these 2 movies, 1 book, and 1 article 
1. Interstellar (movie)
2. The Martian (movie)
3. Beyond The Pleasure Principle by Sigmund Freud (book)
4. Ontological Laughter: Comedy as Experimental Possibility Space by Timothy Morton (article)

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