Comparison Shopping Web Research

Task: Choose a household item that you would like to purchase. Identify the features that you need and want in such a product. Look at 5 different brand names and compare the items. Complete a chart and write a two page reflection paper about your research. 

Note/Suggestion: Choose something that has many options. Examples can range from your choice of paper towel to your choice of computer Writing Rubric Notes 

1. Paper Format-APA style should be followed for the abstract page, body of the paper, and reference page. Paper should be double spaced, indented paragraphs as needed. 5 page (including the chart page)

2. Chart out the features of the product selected. There should be at least three (3) features, such as price and two (2) other characteristics. Maximum features/characteristics is five (5). 

3. CONTENT-Abstract summary discussing characteristics and reason why you selected this item. 

4. CONTENT-Introduction, body and conclusion: this should be well written with no grammatical errors. 

Should you need assistance with APA style, search: 

4 page 

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