Case 2: Production Strategy

Description All case studies should be submitted in the form of a “Managerial ReportвЂк. A Managerial Report is usually a response to a senior manager or “executive boardвЂк which has raised an “issueвЂк that needs to be analyzed with accompanying recommendations. The senior manager or “boardвЂк will subsequently make a decision based upon the analyses. As a consequence, the Managerial Report should written in “third PersonвЂк format, provide a coherent flow of information concentrating on the technical “factsвЂк and void of “opinionsвЂк, and in a format and tenor to be easily understood by the decision maker(s)

The report format should include:
An “Executive OverviewвЂк: A succinct but comprehensible description of the overall problem
being addressed
An “Executive SummaryвЂк: A brief statement which contains the primary & secondary
conclusions and recommendations of the study
Analysis Section
Underlying assumptions of the model & analyses
Structured for easy validation/comprehension by subsequent readers
Summary graphs and tables with details referenced in order to the appendices
Sensitivity Analyses on assumptions/results
Conclusions/Recommendations Section
Summary of results considered important to the final decisions that need to be made
The recommended top and alternate (if applicable) recommendation(s)
Detailed models outputs
Spread sheets
Data tables for all analyses (usually too detailed for containing in document body).

Case 2: Statement and Guidance
Case 2 is entitled “Production StrategyвЂк is found in Chapter 7, Case 2, in the text. The document should be submitted as MSWORD document as an attachment to the Assignments Module not later than midnight, November 5, 2017.

Case Overview:
A company manufactures exercise equipment primarily for physical therapists. It recently designed two universal weight machines for home exercises. After a trade show demonstration of the machines, a number of orders received at the show exceeded its manufacturing capabilities for the current production period. As a result, management decided to begin production of the two machines. The case study provides the time and costs for manufacturing the various subassemblies, the assembly processes, and shipping of the two models of exercise machines. It provides the number of manufacturing and production related activities available for next production period.
Students should analyze the production problem of the company, provide a report to the management presenting your findings and recommendations. Include, but do not limit your discussions to consider the three questions posed in the textвЂTMs discussion of the case study. Include a copy of your linear programming model and graphical solution in an appendix to your report.
You are also submitting your paper to Safe Assign (a built in plagiarism checker) to make sure all your sources have been cited properly. You can review your first submission and make corrections then submit for final grading by your instructor. 
Reminder: Students need to show all of their work and provide their own material. Keep your SafeAssign grade of your paper content to less than 25%.

Below Standard Approaching Standard At Standard Exceeds Standard
Application of Modeling Concepts
Points Range: 0 (0%) – 21.38 (14.25%)
The student does not fully use the information provided in the case. No explanation is provided.
Points Range: 21.75 (14.5%) – 28.5 (19%)
The student uses most of the case information, but not correctly. Little to no explanation is provided.
Points Range: 28.88 (19.25%) – 34.88 (23.25%)
All information is applied correctly. Explanations are adequate.
Points Range: 35.25 (23.5%) – 37.5 (25%)
The student applies all information correctly and discusses useful approaches to resolve any noted shortfalls in the case or company.
Analysis of the Business Problems
Points Range: 0 (0%) – 21.38 (14.25%)
No problem is identified or the one mentioned is very ambiguous.
Points Range: 21.75 (14.5%) – 28.5 (19%)
A problem is identified, but it is still a little ambiguous or not clearly stated.
Points Range: 28.88 (19.25%) – 34.88 (23.25%)
A problem is stated and it is clear and applicable to the case or company.
Points Range: 35.25 (23.5%) – 37.5 (25%)
A clear and unique problem is identified that illustrates the studentРІР‚TMs careful understanding of the case or company being analyzed.
Points Range: 0 (0%) – 21.38 (14.25%)
The model results are mathematically incorrect. The student does not provide an explanation for the errors.
Points Range: 21.75 (14.5%) – 28.5 (19%)
The model results are mostly correct. The student does not provide an explanation for the errors.
Points Range: 28.88 (19.25%) – 34.88 (23.25%)
The model results are correct and the student seems to understand that they are correct.
Points Range: 35.25 (23.5%) – 37.5 (25%)
The model results are correct and the student is able to properly interpret them.
Points Range: 0 (0%) – 12.82 (8.55%)
The conclusion is confusing and does not address the issues previously presented by the student.
Points Range: 13.05 (8.7%) – 17.1 (11.4%)
The conclusion utilizes the previous issues raised by the student, but does not utilize the model results effectively.
Points Range: 17.32 (11.55%) – 20.92 (13.95%)
The conclusion utilizes the previous issues raised by the student and the model results. The student provides a sound set of conclusions.
Points Range: 21.15 (14.1%) – 22.5 (15%)
The conclusion incorporates all issues and data into a clear and unique understanding of the model, its output and the business problem.
Report Format
Points Range: 0 (0%) – 8.55 (5.7%)
Format is only adequately done and there are grammar, etc. errors.
Points Range: 8.7 (5.8%) – 11.4 (7.6%)
Format and organization are acceptable. Errors in grammar, etc. are present.
Points Range: 11.55 (7.7%) – 12.45 (8.3%)
Format and organization is professional and only a few errors are present.
Points Range: 14.1 (9.4%) – 15 (10%)
Format and organization are very professional and there are no grammar, etc. errors.

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