create a visually effective BCG matrix for Hyatt Hotels

This assignment is creating a visually effective BCG matrix.

This following is a description of the assignment.

Following the steps outlined in class, create a visually effective BCG matrix for Hyatt Hotels. All the data you need is in the class handouts, except for a list of Hyatt hotel brands, which you will have to find. Show all your work. Make strategic recommendations for each brand based on where it falls within the BCG matrix. Your report should include the following elements:
1. Classification of Hyatt brands and the top competitor by segment.
2. Determination of market size for each business segment.
3. Calculation of market share and relative market share (you do not have to show the formula)
4. An estimate of growth rate by industry segment. Growth rate cannot be the same for each segment. State what metric you used for your growth rate estimate.
5. References for all sources used.
6. A visually appealing BCG matrix, with the axes and quadrants labeled and Hyatt brands correctly placed on the matrix based on their values. Make professional- looking tables and charts, preferably in MS Word, and be creative with your pictures! Visuals must be clear and crisp, not blurry.
7. A strategic recommendations for each brand based on where it falls within the matrix, using appropriate strategies that were covered in class. You should have a specific strategy for EACH brand even if the brands are in the same quadrant.

Follow the assignment rubric. 3 page maximum.
Smith Travel Research data is available in the handout provided and in the Assignments and Activities folder.

I made the BCG Matrix already and statistical chart for the matrix. 
With it, what you have to do is #4,5, and 7 on the assignment guide. For question 7, you may need the database website such as D&B hoovers because the recommendation must be based on the database. I will leave my account ID and password ***

go to
Then click the All library databases on the right side.
Click "D" to find D&B Hoovers.
After that, It ask ACE ID and password ***
ID is and1
and password ***
Our class always use those two databases. So access and use it to find source for the this assignment and the format is APA style.

you must use this database website(D&B Hoovers)

and I attached a web address for the textbook pdf file. see chapter 5 and 6 to understand what the assignment is about. strategic management – concept and cases, 2nd ed (enz, c.) [047008359x].pdf

and the file "1.jpg" is for the segment growth rate.

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