Explorations and Ideas Portfolio

Explorations and Ideas Portfolio


It’s a Social Entrepreneurship class.

Please follow the Introduction. Each part writes about at least half page. Don’t combine them together, each part on them on page. Please be clear and step-by-step. It nees be any social issue and you need come out the solution that also combine with business. And fill out this business model canvas. It’s due on 11/1 1:00pm. Please be on time! Thank you!







E&I Portfolio1: Written history of your issue, please include sources and any relevant data

E&I Portfolio2: Create a visual model using Heuristic Redefinition (Innovator's Toolkit Technique #7). Bring the model to class and be prepared to share. 

Shape up your portfolio items and bring your portfolio to class for a graded check-in. It should include items #1-4 


                          1. Problem Statement 

                          2. History of your problem and personal experience 

                          3 .Visual Mod

4. Existing solutions, attempts to solve and best practices


E&I #5: Engage in user-centered research   


E&I Portfolio6: Envision the ideal solutions and/or outcomes of your issue and write them down. – what would/could it look like,and how? 

                      Generate many ideas for solving your issue

         Engage in 2 methods (of your choice) of Discover Ideas (Part II of Innovator’s Toolkit – Techs 14-32)

E&I Portfolio Items: # 7 Generate many many many ideas for “solving” your issue                                   #8 Examine multiple views and perspectives on both your issue and  some of your proposed solutions  

E&I Portfolio Items: # 9 Research and establish criteria by which you will judge success of your solution. Create metrics as applicable. 

And fill out this business model canvas.


You will be turning your portfolio in on 11/1 Wednesday for the last check in before final submission in December. I will not take late submissions.

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