Layoffs Memo

You are the SVP of Human Resources for a financial software company that has 7,500 employees. The company has decided to sell AccountSoft, one of its major products. The software has been declining sales for the past two years, and it no longer fits with the new company's mission, which is to sell small businesses and individuals, rather than larger accounting firms (currently 95% of AccountSoft's buyers). You will have individual conversations with employees who are affected by the layoffs, but first you advise the CEO to send an email to all employees to announce the decision to sell AccountSoft and to prepare employees for the downsizing and what will happen next. As you write this memo for the CEO to send under his name, consider that not all employees from the AccountSoft division will be laid off. The software developers will go to the acquiring firm, Accounting Support Services, Inc., but the sales and marketing staff (about 150 people) will be leaving the firm. This was your agreement with Accounting Support Services, as part of the acquisition deal. Write the memo to communicate the decision clearly and help the staff understand and accept the message

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