Ancient Philosophy: Write A Philosophical Essay On Socrates’ “Apology”

The PDF of apology is in the link below please.  


1) You are to use no sources outside of our assigned texts and your class notes.

2) You must site your sources clearly (I don’t care the method, just so long as I can look them up easily).

3) You must email me your paper in a Word document or some similar editable format (NO PDFs!).

4) The paper must be between 3-4 pages long (double spaces, 12 font, etc).



1) In Apology, Socrates is on trail for a set of charges. A. Explain the charges brought against him. B. Recount his defense. C Using your knowledge of Socrates from the several dialogues you’ve read, do you think the Athenians were right to consider him a danger to society? Why?/why not?

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