BIZ104 Customer Experience Management

Essentially, your task is as follows:

1. Select one of the following – product, service, company, institution or event.

2. Conduct desktop research with regard to customer experience and the background of your chosen product, service, company, organization or event. 

3. Go to the 'survey monkey' website (see the video on this on Module 3 again if you need to) and work up a questionnaire or set of survey questions about the customer experience.

4. The field research should survey 5 people via face-to-face meetings or over the phone. Again, to help you write up survey questions, please use Survey Monkey.

5. Document the customer experience and draw up a customer journey or customer experience map (see Module 2).

6. Do a person (snapshot) of a typical customer (s)

7. Write the report (1500 words) with reference to the following questions:

– What is the state of the customer experience?

– how does the customer experience compare to its competitors?

Remember your writing techniques for reports – have an introduction, main body and summary in the report.

Do not forget to include in the Appendix the following – the survey questions, the results of the survey and who you surveyed.

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