“Building resilience against terrorism”.

you are required to conduct a summary analysis critiquing the uploaded pdf policy file "Building resilience against terrorism". 

While there is no right answer per se, you are expected to demonstrate your understanding of the course concepts in order to provide a critical assessment of the policy from problem definition through to evaluation and recommendations (I WILL ATTACH PICTURES OF THE TEXTBOOK CONTENT IN ORDER TO HELP THE WRITER). At a minimum, your critique and analysis should be well written with proper grammar and spelling, while also including the following:

1) Define the problem. What might be the logic or mentality for the way the problem is defined? Is the problem framed a certain way to gain public support? What are the politics around the definition of the problem?

2) What is the context within which this policy solution makes sense? How does this fit into the bigger picture?

3) Where are the gaps in your chosen policy? What are two alternatives to this policy which might fill these gaps?

4) Do you recommend the policy or one of your alternatives? Why? Convince me of your choice!

5) What are the best evaluation tools for the policy and/or your alternative?

6) Proper citations of all content utilized.

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