Final Essay Proposal

Essay Guidelines:

Two to Three (2-3) double-spaced pages, 12-point font. You may go over the page limit by 10 lines.


Ten (10) academic sources not assigned in course materials that you will use in your Final Essay.

Step One:

Select one (1) theme that you will use as a frame for your Final Essay:

Using a film or television series as a case study, explore the concepts of “meritocracy” and “democracy” as it relates to 1) the film’s production company and/or the television network; 2) the film and/or show’s content (i.e. its actors and story arc); 3) the film and/or television series’ media promotion.
Do a comparative analysis of an aspect(s) of celebrity and promotional culture explored in VCC390 and a non-Western context (NOT Canada, U.S. or Britain);
Examine the role of celebrity endorsements as it relates to consumer brands, such as Budweiser or Apple.
Using a social media platform as your primary media text (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) examine the concept of “democratainment” and celebrity, considering the larger question of hierarchy – how does one move from an “ordinary” person to a “media” person via social media.
Do a comparative analysis of two reality TV genres; i.e. game show v. lifestyle show and the role of celebrity and the “demotic” turn;
Pick a political leader and/or election campaign (of the last 10 years). Explore the “celebrification” of politics, and the promotional techniques used to cultivate a political leader’s public persona, i.e. Justin Trudeau or the U.S. Election 2016.
Do a comparative analysis of the concepts of “infotainment,” “individual customization” and “interactivity” as it relates to daytime talk shows (“soft” news), or television journalism (“hard” news).
Choose your own theme as it relates to celebrity and promotional culture, and the role of media.

Step Two:
In 2-3 pages outline your approach to your chosen theme as it relates to the theories of celebrity and promotional culture outlined in the course.
You should provide a brief overview of your approach to the theme, what your research questions will be, and provide a thesis statement.
Your essay is expected to be argumentative in nature; you should not aim to “prove” the rightness or wrongness of your chosen theme. Instead, explore the relationship between celebrity, promotional culture, and the media.

Your Essay Proposal (similar to your Final Essay) can cover any historical period explored in this course (i.e. 19th, 20th centuries or the contemporary).
Academic sources include peer-reviewed journal articles, scholarly books, theses and/or dissertations NOT newspapers, blogs, magazines, websites.
No title page please. Your title, name, student # should appear on the first page of your assignment.
Use MLA, APA, or Chicago style. You may use footnotes, not endnotes.

1) You may use first person in your proposal, within reason. The aim of your proposal is to explain your chosen theme, what you will argue/explore in your essay, and you may even want to state some of the questions your essay will explore. You want to think of your proposal as a "preview."

2) Your bibliography is not an annotated bibliography. You must always cite your sources in whatever writing you do so keep that in mind as your write your proposal if you pull a quote or paraphrase one of your sources that you include a citation in-text.

3) You're asked to include 10 academic sources you do not have to cite non-academic sources for this proposal. Your 10 sources, however, must be in your reference page.

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