Florida school says ‘God bless America’ not a constitutional violation

Doing each part respectively, each part 150 words.

Part 1


READ the article in the link, then post your comment to the question. Remember to respond to at least two other students. 

Florida school says 'God bless America' not a constitutional violation

Question: In your opinion, is saying, "God Bless America" a constitutional violation? Why or why not? When would the phrase, "God Bless America" be a constitutional violation, if ever?


Part 2:

Forum #3 (Ch20 & Ch21): Post initial response by Thursday

In this forum, read the case study and use the text to answer the question (give page numbers). 


Dale Emerson served as the chief financial officer for Reliant Electric Co., a distributor of electricity serving portions of Montana and North Dakota. Dakota Gasworks, Inc., a natural gas distributor that operated solely within North Dakota. Emerson went on a fishing trip with his uncle Ernest Wallace. Emerson mentioned to Wallace that I had been putting in a lot of extra hours at the office planning to takeover of Dakota Gasworks. When he returned from the fishing trip, Wallace purchased $ 20,000 worth of Reliant stock. Three weeks later, Reliant made to supply Dakota Gasworks stockholders and purchased 57 percent of Dakota Gasworks stock. Over the next two weeks, the price of Reliant stock rose 72 percent before leveling out. Wallace then sold his stock for a gross profit of $ 14,400. Using the information presented in the chapter, answer one of the following questions.


1. Who was ethically in the wrong? Emerson? Wallace? Or both? Explain.


2. What legal ramifications could both Emerson and Wallace face?legal ramifications could both Emerson and Wallace face?

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