Select one IAT from the list that you think may reveal one of your biases and is related to ethnicity or race

a. Select one IAT from the list that you think may reveal one of your biases and is related to ethnicity or race. You MUST select one of the following: Race, skin-tone, Arab-Muslim, Asian, or Native American. After taking a test and filling out a series of questions, you will get your results. Save your results page and attach it with your assignment when you turn it in.

b. Next, challenge your bias by immersing yourself in a cultural setting that will allow you to interact with members of a cultural group you identified in your assessment test OR a cultural group you would like to learn more about (e.g. African American church service, Asian American cultural event, Native American Pow Wow, Islamic Mosque service, etc.). If you are uncertain about the appropriateness of a particular setting or event, discuss your choice with the professor to ensure it will meet the project objectives.

c. Set up an interview with members of this cultural/ethnic group so you can learn more about the culture/ethnicity. The interview questions are on Blackboard under the Content tab. Each student must use the questions provided and NOT deviate from the guide. The responses to each interview question should be summarized in the paper. You do not have to type responses word for word. On the reference page of your assignment, provide the name(s) and phone number(s) for the person/people you interviewed.

d. Write a 3 page double-spaced report about: a) the bias assessment test, b) your experience in the cultural setting, and c) the interview(s). Use the “A” grading rubric on Blackboard to ensure you address all the components of the project.

In your paper, answer the following:

· What are your cultural biases and why do you have these biases?

· Why did you choose to take the test you did, and do you feel the test was accurate why or why not?

· How did you feel immersing yourself in an unfamiliar cultural setting?

· What did you learn about yourself from the assignment?

· What did you learn about the cultural group you met with?

· How will you continue to challenge your biases and/or learn about different cultural groups in the future?

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