The article that I read was Building a better Employee experienced by the Wall Street Journal


The article that I read was Building a better Employee experienced by the Wall Street Journal. To sum up the article employees need to come up with new kinds of job experiences to make everyday life for their employees more enjoyable, engaging and mobile-enabled. For newer companies this is no easy task. But never the less the employer needs to respond in a proactive way to keep and retain the best and brightest talent. Progressive companies are rethinking the way they are of normal business and approaching their employees with pulse feedback tools, wellness apps, self-service technologies, and more. The goal in all this is to give the employees a voice. In the past employers have tried to approach employee engagement, HR managers this was the moral killer because it disconnected the everyday employee and employer relationship and the daily understanding of each other. The contemporary new age employee looks at something differently. For them, everything that happens at work is part of an integrated experience that shapes daily life, including their overall physical, emotional, professional, and financial well-being. (WSJ) The push for all this change is designed to give daily line mangers the tools they need to give a holistic approach to the company at large. The WSJ said, "A holistic approach to the employee experience hinges on ongoing feedback and analytics to HR HR teams and line leaders understand more fully what talent they employ and how to increase employee's values" Along with these new HR feedback tools have developed other engaging applications to keep employees impowered. These include: Productivity and collaboration communication applications, Well-being applications, and Employee self-service platforms. By leading the design and integrating new enabling tools for employees, HR managers, HR departments, and line managers companies can set up a sustainable healthy environment to help keep talent and reward employees for their engagement and feedback and dedication to the company. 

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