Geology science

In Tucson, AZ we live in a desert. As such, water is limited. Where does Tucson get its drinking water? About how many gallons of water a day does an average person use in Tucson? How does population growth in Tucson affect the availability of groundwater and the water table? How has the water table in Tucson changed over the past 70 years? (use actual examples/values). What is the Central Arizona Project? About how much water does the Central Arizona Project bring to Arizona each year? Besides direct use for drinking, agriculture, etc., where else does Central Arizona Project water go (think storage)? Why is this important?

For this writing assignment, a good web source is the Central Arizona Project website ( ). You will have to explore the website, click on several of the tabs, and read a bit to find the answers related to CAP. Other questions will require you to do some searching on the web. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE MATERIAL FROM THE WEB – USE YOUR OWN WORDS!

It should be about 140-200 words – roughly one page

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