Assignment: 1

individual assignment has 2 sections and you must complete both sections.

I don’t need an essay.



Write details of any two economists using following instructions:

1. Adam Smith

2. Alfred Marshall

3. David Hume

4. David Ricardo

5. Edward Hastings Chamberlin

6. Friedrich von Hayek

7. Gary Becker

8. Irving Fisher

9. Jean Baptiste Say

10. John Locke

11. John Maynard Keynes

12. Joseph Schumpeter

13. Joseph Stiglitz

14. Karl Marx

15. Kenneth Arrow

16. Milton Friedman

17. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

18. Paul Krugman

19. Paul Samuelson

20. Thomas Robert Malthus


Cover following details:

1. Name of the Economist

2. His place of birth and time frame

3. His schooling

4. Major work, contributions, book, research work

5. Professional life

6. Any recognition/award

7. Main criticism of work


Assignment writing instructions:

1. Font size: 12

2. Font shape: Calibri, Times New Roman

3. Pages: 4 pages

4. PDF Document

5. Add all references in APA format



(a) Find a news article about an economic topic that you find interesting.

(b) Make a short bullet-list summary of the article.

(c) Write and illustrate with appropriate graphs an economic analysis of the key points in the article.


Hint: Use 5Ws and 1H in your explanation.

1. Who was involved?

2. What happened?

3. When did it happen?

4. Where did it happen?

5. Why did it happen?

6. How did it happen?

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