multicultural event/ disability talk

For this assignment, you are expected to attend a social advocacy/multicultural event on the TWU campus or in the greater community. You are to use this exercise to help process your understanding of your responsibilities of living in a multicultural world. At the conclusion of the event, you will write a 3-5 page reflection paper. This assignment must be written in APA style and should address the following points:

How did the event help you understand your responsibilities of living in a multicultural world?
How did this experience help you better understand the intersecting dynamics of gender with disability, economic status, nationality, “race”/ethnicity, region, religion, and/or sexuality?
How did the research and theories we have discussed in class relate to your experience and self-understanding?
How did this experience help you understand and/or challenge your core beliefs? Additionally, How were your core beliefs formed? How can utilize this experience to promote change for the future?
IMPORTANT: Go to TWU blackboard, you will see my all my classes under courses, Select PSYCHOLOGY OF ADJUSTMENT

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