Organization Structure

Chapter 15 Organization Structure Paper:

1) Identify the Organization – provide overview include industry and any relevant data available – that is, performance of company (1 page)

2) Provide Organizational Chart of the organization / department that you are focusing your examination (1 page)

3) Explain the type of structure of the department identified

4) STATE the PROBLEM (You can make up the problem e.g. a company have to cut down half of employees because of the financial difficulty…..) you are addressing– that is, issue / gap that you are examining (1/2-1 page) 

5)SOLUTION / New Structure Proposed and BENEFITS (to the Department) of New Structure

6) My Role as Leader — examination of organizational structure, examination of department structure, identification of the problem, action plan to solve the problem, and benefit (as a result of fixing the structural problem) to the entire company.

DO NOT mix up with structural problem and Marketing problem.(don't do marketing problem)
Every time when you state something you need a reference.

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