Price, Profits, and Competition

Price, Profits, and Competition
You may be aware that there are three types of profit: accounting profit, economic profit, and normal profit. The difference between the total revenue and the sum of the explicit and implicit costs of an organization results in economic profit. It is commonly assumed that every firm's goal is to maximize its profit, and the economic theory of business is built upon this underlying assumption.
Write a 500 – to 600 – word paper that addresses the following:

• Describe the economic principles that company executives should consider when developing a strategy or strategies that will maximize profits while minimizing incentives for competitors to develop competing products.
• Explain why each of these economic principles is important to the company's strategy. 
• Recommend and justify a strategy that you believe will maximize profits while minimizing incentives for increased competition.

Addition information: 
In addition to fully answering the assignment's questions, each Assignment will be evaluated for clarity of writing, critical analysis of the issues, proper use of references to support the adopted positions, and adherence to APA standards. 
Also, see this assignment's rubric provided.

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