Research Paper for American Government class about “Child Support”

Research Paper for American Government class about "Child Support"

E. Research Paper – Each student will write an 8-page paper on a topic that has been thoroughly researched. The paper needs to be in APA writing style and will include the title page, the abstract page, 5 pages of text, and the reference page. The information must come from at least five different reliable, recent, and scholarly sources.

If a controversial subject is chosen (i.e. Abortion), students are to present both sides of the issue. This is NOT an opinion paper. Opinion papers will be completely disqualified. Students must have their topics approved by the professor. The object of this assignment is to have students demonstrate the extent of government action, intervention, involvement, or effort to resolve current societal issues. (Please see your assigned date on this syllabus, according to last name). Papers must be in Turnitin and receive a blue or green mark. No late assignments will be accepted.


Suggested Topics:


Abortion Identity Theft

Alternative Energy vs. Fossil Fuels Illegal Immigration: Facts on Its Economic Impact

Adoption: Closed vs. Open Megan’s Law

Capital punishment Plagiarism in American Schools

Child Support Police Brutality

Destruction of Nuclear Weapons Safe Surrender Law or Safe Haven Law (AB 1368)

Elderly Abuse Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Euthanasia & Assisted Suicide The California Drought

Foster Care The Effects of TV/video games' violence in children

Genetic Engineering The National Debt of the United States

Gun Control and the Second Amendment The Role of the United States in the United Nations

High-Speed Rail The Three Strikes Law

Homeland Security The War on Terrorism

Human Trafficking Women in the Military

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