The true impact of Being the Boss is its ability to capture the critical lessons of leadership growth that come only from making mistakes and living to tell the tale.

Make sure you check the book of being the boos page 143-252 about discuss relationship with the boss. You only need to check it but no need to read whole 90 pages

In some capacity–whether professional or personal–we have all been on the receiving end of feedback. In this discussion, we will talk about those feedback experiences and use both the good and bad experiences to help us build a collective understanding of best practices for your work building and managing analytical teams.

First, think of a time you can recall receiving feedback for improving your performance. What was the setting or situation? How was the feedback delivered and how did you take it? Try to reflect on why this particular incident is one that you remembered when you read this prompt: was it unusually helpful or hurtful feedback? What was your reaction to the feedback and what was its impact?

Then, return to the discussion and respond to some of the posts from your colleagues. What do you think might have been done differently? How would you have responded to a similar situation? As you move through this discussion, try to work as a team to assemble a list of strategies to embrace and to avoid as you begin coaching an analytical team.    

In this discussion, How do they network usefully, internally and externally, to solve problems and implement solutions, both with general project management approaches, and with methods that utilize somewhat narrowly defined skill areas and get people in these areas to work together effectively?
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