Vitamin D deficiency

Ijeoma Nwankwo Iroh and Cynthia are the names of the student to appear on the cover page of the paper. Course number is BIOL 1322 (6181-39956)
The first page is the Cover page with school name at the top, studentsвЂTM names below que, title of project (make the title your own in your own words), the picture representing your 
subject in the middle of the cover page, Then the semester and year, and finally, the instructorвЂTMs full name at the bottom 2. The second page shouldnt be the outline page you used to write your paper, Then 3. The Body of the paper (4 pages) 4.The Library page, also called “works citedвЂк page with only PEER_REVIEWED journals arranged alphabetically According to the first authorвЂTMs last (in agreement with MLA format).
School name is Houston Community College
Instructor's name is Dr Zinebi The peer reviewed journal should be a total of 16.Dr. Zinebi
peer reviewed journal should be a total of 16.

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