· What type of employees are considered a protected class?

Write a 2-3 + page, double-spaced, paper addressing the following:

What type of employees are considered a protected class? 

· Compare and contrast the Affirmative Action law briefly discussed in Chapter 12 on page 276, against two of the US laws intended to prevent employment discrimination described in Figure 13.1, p. 296. See attached pdf


· Review the article Belief in a Just World and Attitudes Toward Affirmative Action and consider how the 'Less well-understood notion of the relationship between deservingness and attitudes toward social provision to groups' (Wilkins & Wenger, 2014, p. the Affirmative Action policy.

EBSCO article : Wilkins, VM, & Wenger, JB (2014). Belief in a just world and attitudes toward affirmative action. Policy Studies Journal, 42 (3), 325-343. DOI: 10.1111 / psj.12063.

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