Advanced Business Economics Assignment

The competitiveness of Nations

Advanced Business Economics

Term 1-Assignment


Brunei Darussalam











You will select one of these countries, and discuss how well it is integrated in the globalised economy.

Your essay must be clearly organized

You will analyse its trade pattern

You will show what are the impediments to trade for this particular country

You will conclude by reflecting of the integration of this country in the world trade system and what it could do to improve its position.

2000 words / Deadline 15/12/2017



Introduce the topic, show its importance in general and for the country

Give some general economic characteristics of the country of your choice

Present your plan


Part 1: Trade patterns

Use data on import and export, present them in a clear manner (tables or graphs)

Always comment the data you are presenting

Try to link this part to the models of trade you have seen

Ex: export in primary resources / import of manufactures => HO model of trade


Part 2: Trade impediments

Use data on barriers to trade (tables or graphs)

Always comments the data you are presenting

Explain clearly the relation between trade impediments and your previous findings on trade,

Try to reflect on the origins of these trade barriers


Wrap up your analysis with a focus on the successes:

Several elements can be taken in consideration: progression in the ranking related to trade openness, date of access to the WTO, number and size of multinationals originated from the country chosen

compare the trade policy of the country you have chosen with the one of Singapore and reflect on the solutions available for the country you have chosen and their applicability


World limit:

2000 words

Including bibliography

More is not always better! Your arguments need to be coherent

In your essay, you should show that you can understand and apply some of the theories that we have discussed in the lectures


Stick to the word limit

You are not being judged on the elegance of your English, but your paragraphs must have a structure:

beginning, middle and end

clear leading sentence, and concluding sentence to each paragraph

It is good to discuss matters with others in preparing the essay, but write everything yourself

Leave yourself time to proofread before submitting


Make sure you use your own words when writing the essay

All sources need to be correctly referenced

Do not copy and paste: this is the best way to avoid plagiarism

Use direct quotes only when absolutely necessary

Beware of collusion: working closely with a friend on a similar topic and writing very similar essays

Your essay will be checked for plagiarism

Consequences can be significant


You can use the different resources seen in class to gather and present data about the country you have selected

MIT – Observatory of Economic Complexity

World Bank – Doing Business

World Bank – World Development Indicators

CIA – World Fact Book

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