ANT 3451-Anthropology

There's 5 questions that each need to be answered in most a page or atlas 18- lines double spaced. The questions consist of: 

  1. Do races exist? What is the scholarly critique of "race." Why is "race" still used by social scientists? Note: Answer all questions from lecture 1 notes and videos.)
  2. Explain social psychological and structural theories of racism, describing the major elements of each. (Note: Answer all questions from lecture 2 notes and videos.)
  3. What is the Eugenics movement? Identify its objectives. Was it successful? Why did it develop in the 19th century? Was it scientific? How did it fit the received paradigm? Who were the victims? Could it happen again? See Lecture 6 (Note: Answer all questions from lecture 3 notes and videos.)
  4. Compare Cuban and Mexican immigrants with regard to secondary structural assimilation. What structural and historical factors would explain the greater "success" of Cubans?
  5. Compare blacks and Cubans with regard to access to cultural and physical capital. (Note: Answer all questions from lectures 14-17, both notes and videos.)

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