Eng 102

Response Paper 3: Annotated Bibliography Forum 5.1 for this week asked you to post your working thesis for your final Research Paper. By way of reminder, this Research Paper must make an argumentative claim about one or two (no more than three) of the works we have read in the class using at least one of the critical reading strategies you were introduced to. Once I have approved your topic in the 5.1 Forum, you can begin working on your Annotated Bibliography. An Annotated Bibliography is a list of citations to books, articles, and documents. Each citation is followed by a brief (usually about 200 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph—this is known as the annotation. The purpose of the annotation is to inform the reader of the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the sources cited. Your assignment: Develop an Annotated Bibliography using at least FIVE sources from the GMC Library. Remember that you are writing a paper on literature, so while you may find a historical document important to your research if you are performing a Historical Analysis, most of your sources should come from the Literary Resource Center in the GMC Library. Your Bibliography will come in two parts. 1. MLA Citation 2. Annotation a. Initial Appraisal b. Content Analysis For the citation, carefully follow the MLA format provided by the Purdue Owl. For the annotation, be sure to read the PDF on Annotated Bibliographies (in week 5) for a full list of possible questions to ask as you perform your appraisal and analysis. a. Initial Appraisal (50-75 words) a. You may address things like: What are the author's credentials, educational background, or experience? Is the source current or out-ofdate for your topic? Is the writing affiliated with any academic institutions, corporations, organizations, etc? b. Content Analysis (150-200 words) a. You will ANALYZE the source, asking questions like: What type of audience is the author addressing? How does that impact its usefulness for you? Are the ideas and arguments more or less in line with other works you have read on the same topic?  b. Specifically, your analysis should address the portions of the source that relate directly to what you are discussing. You don’t need to speak to the entire document unless all of it is relevant to your claim. As with all your submission, this is a formal assignment that should be submitted using MLA format for spacing, heading, pagination, etc. Since you will by submitting five sources with about 200 words of annotation per entry, this submission should be about 1000-1200 words.  

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