Human Resource Management

You will be performing an audience analysis (part one plan), and then writing a formal email to a job candidate informing him he did not get the position (part 2 bad news). You will submit your assignment as one Microsoft Word Document. For complete instructions for Writing Bad News assignment download the Microsoft Word Document titled 'Bad News Assignment'. Be sure to refer to the rubric attached to this assignment as you develop your responses.

Do an audience analysis on your first page

  • Next ,write a letter as an email to a very strong job candidate (Jeremy Sue) telling him that after much deliberation following three rounds of interviews, someone else has filled a prestigious job at your organization. 
  • However, you believe there may be a position available for Jeremy Sue in the future with the company, so make sure you leave a positive impression. 
  • The position Jeremy Sue is applying for is the manager of global diversity and training for the company you are using for your group project.

Complete the following as a single MS Word document and submit to the link in Bb

Plan-Part one

Your audience analysis should include comments in response to the following issues. You will be submitting these comments along with the final message.

  • What is the identity of the primary audience?
  • What is the identity of the secondary audience?
  • How do you establish and build credibility with each audience? Explain each component of establishing credibility (competence, caring, and character)  
  • How do you prevent unnecessary discussion and provide important information to the audience? (Style and tone of your message)

Bad New Formal Email-Part two

Remember, when you present bad news your goals are to:

  • Make the decision clear. Chose the direct or indirect delivery method for your message.
  • Help your audience accept the message.
  • Maintain a goodwill relationship.
  • Preserve the company image.
  • Be thoughtful of the reader’s feelings.
  • Reject the person clearly and explicitly but not a in a hurtful manner.
  • Test your message for FAIR elements. 

Your message should include the following:

  • A heading (single spaced) : Date, To, From, Subject Line
  • Single spaced paragraphs, with a double space between your paragraphs
  • Your signature, title and contact information
  • In your signature block include your title as consultant and hiring manager for the company you selected for your group project. 


  1. Carefully review your draft before you turn in your assignment.
  2. Make sure both your audience notes and your email message are together in a single document.

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