Nucor Corporation

  Internal Analysis 

Current Goals 

o What are the company’s vision, mission, core values and stated goals & objectives (financial and strategic)? 

**note on values/CSR—are there any issues that could impact buyer patronage, reputation, operating efficiency, shareholder value?

Company’s Current Strategy (Current Performance) 

o What is their Current Business Level Strategy?  

o What is their Current Corporate Level Strategy?  

o How well is the company’s strategy working? 

Look at the 7 specific indicators of how well a company’s strategy is working in the text

1. Sales growth and market share

2. Customer acquisition rate

3. Image and reputation

4. Relevant factors guiding customer choice of brands

5. Profit margins (internal and competition) 

6. Trends in net profits and ROI compared to industry 

7. Financial strength, credit rating, ratios and cash flows performance 

o How well has the company’s strategy been implemented and executed?  (Ch. 10-12 have diagnostic tools to pinpoint strategy execution issues) Look for any strategic gaps or issues to assess if the strategy execution has been a success, failure or a bit of both.  Be specific.

o Whether the company is meeting its stated financial and strategic objectives?

o Whether the company is an above average performer?

o Whether the company is gaining customers and outcompeting one or more of its closest rivals?

o Has the company diversified into businesses that have achieved the desired 1+1=3 impact on shareholder value? 

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