Organisational Leadership Assignment

Organisational Leadership Assignment

1) Watch the Podcast and in a WORD document complete the following

APJ Abdul Kalam:"A Leader Should Know How to Manage Failure"

Who is the audience for this interview?

What is the purpose of the interview?

What rhetorical strategies did the speaker use?

• Figurative language (similes, metaphors, symbols, imagery)

• Appeals (to emotion, logic, ethos)

• Logical fallacies

What Style (provide examples did the speaker use?

• Clarity and conciseness

• Use of language, word choice, diction

• Passive or active voice

• Simple or complex sentences, short or long sentences

What Visual strategies?

• Format

• Use of images

• Nonverbal communication

What Oral strategies?

• Music, volume, speech patterns, other sound effects

2) Profile Proposal E-Mail Assignment For your proposal assignment, you should follow standard formats for a professional e-mail of one page and include the following:

· Standard sections (Date, To, From, Subject)

· Introductory paragraph establishing context, purpose, and foreshadowing statement and closing paragraph identifying next steps and contact information.

· The individual’s identity, including name, title, current position, and relevance to you or your career plans. 

· Your rationale for selecting him or her, including why you think he or she is a good example of leadership communication and why you see him or her as a transformational leader.  You should present a strong argument on why he or she is a good choice for your profile, including what you expect to learn by researching his or her communication abilities.    

· Please attach your preliminary bibliography of where you plan to obtain information about him or her and your interview guide (if you plan to interview him/her or someone else about him/her).

3) After you have read the following e-mail from Mr. Thompson, answer the

questions below. Note: Again, this note was actually sent.

1. How do you like the way the e-mail looks—letterhead, formatting, and the


2. Does the e-mail’s appearance influence your response to it? How?

3. What mistakes in usage do you notice?

4. Are there any expressions that Mr. Thompson uses that bother you in particular?

What are they, and why do they bother you?

5. How do you feel about Mr. Thompson? Do you like him? Do you trust him?

Why or why not?

6. What would you change about the way the e-mail was written?

E-mail is in the PDF attached.


· Answer each of the questions and submit in a word document.

· Plagiarism will be checked.

· Align your document with Justify Indentation and give Line-spacing = 1.

· Limit your response to 1 page for each question.

· Submit them in separate documents.

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